D1.2: Laboratory dataset on large groups

Executive Summary

This deliverable describes the efforts made in task T1.3 “Laboratory experiments in large groups”.

In period 1, in the framework of task T1.1 “Experimental design and scenarios” the consortium intensely discussed what the relevant gaps in existing datasets on crowd dynamics are and what they expect from the datasets which were to be acquired in WP1. The goal is to understand which features or dynamics can change the status of a crowd into a possible danger. We came to the conclusion that it is of utmost importance to learn about how people react to impulses and how impulses and information propagate through a crowd. The aim is to investigate on different levels of group size, i.e. from only one person being pushed  in a controlled manner, over the study of how an impulse propagates through a small queue, up to dynamics in a crowd of more than 100 people. Another important aspect is the idea to connect dynamics on the macroscopic scale to movements on the limb scale. Therefore, besides the common video recordings, 3D full body motion capturing was used.

As a reminder, the objectives of WP1 are:


·         To generate the required datasets to design models of local physical interactions.

·         To establish the relations between the macroscopic features of a crowd motion with the microscopic features of physical interactions.

·         To validate technologies resulting from the project.