D1.3: Field dataset

Executive Summary

This report details the work completed to achieve deliverable D1.3 Field Data and outlines the data captured, analysis and sharing of data and the interrelation of this deliverable with other consortium partners and deliverables. Key contributing partners to D1.3 are CDI who conducted data capture at multiple observatories, INRIA who conducted video and motion data capture at Hellfest and ONHYS who explored IoT data capture at Hellfest.

In this document, we start with an overview of how data was captured at a range of crowd observatories. This information is complementary to D4.1 which also discusses crowd observatories, enabling the reader to have a comprehensive understanding of the data recording process to create field datasets.
We then provide more information about datasets themselves. More specifically we describe the data processing stages in respect of the ethical and legal framework the project fits in.